We want to partner with you to provide an efficient and seamless same-day delivery service that should increase sales for your actual stores and the internet or online segment. The consumer is now demanding a faster turnaround for delivery of purchased products. Same-day is becoming a necessary component of retail sales. This is illustrated by large retailers like Amazon pushing same-day delivery and building distribution centers near large metropolitan centers to handle the flow of same-day goods to that city and its surrounding environs.

The Need It Now Family of Companies:

We were established in 1987 as a local messenger service. Today we are a full service Logistics Expeditor, and employ and contract over 1,000 individuals to handle the expedited delivery of packages and large freight. We have 5 owned and company operated offices, and partners in every state and city in the United States. Our company revenue is in excess of $15 million and we are staffed, open and operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, and employ a management team with a combined 100 years of experience in the logistics industry. We service virtually every conceivable industry, but have a strong emphasis in the retail sector. A sample of 10 accounts or industries we service is as follows:

1) Store deliveries (including same-day) for major retailers with stand-alone stores and locations in malls.
2) One of the largest women’s beauty products companies in the world.
3) One of the largest health care providers in the United States.
4) Multi-billion dollar public company that makes medical devices for the heart.
5) $14 billion pharmaceutical manufacturer.
6) Third largest U.S. clinical laboratory.
7) Worldwide developer and producer of video game software.
8) Largest U.S. office machine supplier; also a multi-billion dollar public company.
9) One of the largest rail and track inspection and detections firms.
10) Largest private equity firm in the world.

How we can partner with you:

Increase sales and offer same-day delivery to your customers:

Two scenarios that will be seamless, easy and efficient to increase retail sales at the store level and increase on-line sales:

Same-day delivery of in-store purchases, and
Same-day delivery of on-line purchases (including fulfillment from stores):

Same-day delivery of in-store purchases:

In any of your stores, upon a customer purchasing product, we can pick it up from the store and make an expedited same-day delivery. This can be to a hotel, office, or home. It is a value added service for your store, and has obvious benefits to the consumer in that they do not have to carry their purchase with them. This can serve as an additional profit center for the store or a cost-effective add-on for your customers.

We can handle same-day delivery from any of your store locations nationwide.  While it appears that this service would be most applicable in metropolitan areas where customers walk, use public transportation or taxis, it should also have application to other locations where a certain segment of in-store shoppers would still welcome the convenience of same-day delivery.

We also can provide in-store expediting to make same-day service efficient and seamless for your customers and your retail staff.

Same-day delivery of on-line purchases (including fulfillment from stores):

Upon a customer placing an on-line purchase, you could offer same-day delivery (if inventory is available). We could fulfill any order from a store location and make a same-day delivery at a reasonable price within an approximate 20 mile radius of the store. You would determine if inventory at a store location is available, and we could pick-up and make the delivery in an expedited manner.

This potentially increases internet sales, allows your retail company to compete with other same-day delivery options that exist from competitors, and increases in store sales revenue because the goods are fulfilled at the local store level.

Contact us for a detailed proposal:

We would welcome the chance to meet with you to further discuss this tremendous opportunity to increase both in-store and on-line sales by providing efficient, cost-effective, worry-free same-day delivery to your customers.



Large Retailers that sell online but lack brick and mortar locations need a reliable courier who is expert in same day shipments to take the goods to the stores as well as consumers. What is required is a courier service large enough to have proper software solutions as well as trucking capabilities yet locally in control enough to consistently deliver same day.


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Steadily, over many years, British people have seen the nature and type of the deliveries they can receive to their door change beyond recognition.


Just a few decades ago, it used to be common to have home deliveries of many food products, such as drinks, fresh meat and even fruit and vegetables. Such delivery rounds were often an extension of the service offered by the local grocer’s shop, as the owner realised that lots of customers either couldn’t find the time or were physically unable to visit the shop in person.


These services were greatly appreciated by the people who used them. But often, they meant the shopkeeper having to make an extra charge for the service, as he had to recoup the time and cost of either himself or another member of staff making the deliveries.


These days, though, evidence of the way in which worldwide shipping has changed is all around us, along with signs of the important role it now plays in our daily lives.


You only have to look at the mass of products available on the shelves of our supermarkets to see how the ability to ship goods to all parts of the world has changed how we shop, and what we buy.


Today, we don’t bat an eyelid when we find certain products – particularly fruit and vegetables – which at one time would have been available on a strictly seasonal basis, now on sale all year round, thanks to supermarkets’ ability to tap into a network of suppliers around the globe, and then ship their goods efficiently right to our doorsteps.


The internet has seen this phenomenon – literally – brought home, as we can now search for what we want to buy using methods which can put the whole world right in front of us. We might never even consider that something we buy from a website – even though it may be registered in this country – will, in fact, be sent from thousands of miles away, because that is where the merchant sources their goods.


In this respect, the home delivery service has gone from being a useful means of getting goods to customers who can’t get into a shop to buy them in person, to one which spans continents, and makes it possible to buy products from the other side of the world. And the way we shop has been permanently transformed as a result. And couriers have provided the engines which have powered this revolution.

That we have become used to seeing delivery vehicles bearing names such as HDNL and Citylink shows how much more important a role these companies play in our daily lives. A courier service can be booked for any consignment easily and in minutes online.

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When you hire a courier company, it is usually because you need your products delivered to a customer quickly. Any New Jersey delivery service gets questions daily about how fast they can deliver packages. The truth is that most courier companies have a number of speeds that they can deliver packages at. Most of the time, the actual speed of shipping is up to the customer, who will have to choose from the various options that the courier company makes available to them.

If you want your courier to deliver a package the quickest that they possibly can, you should order emergency courier service. This means that they pull out all the stops. They focus only on you and delivering your package, and the vehicle will be taking the shortest possible routes to pickup and deliver the package, with no non-essential stops on the way. This is a quick way to get almost anything delivered.

NFO is another very quick way to get deliveries made. This stands for next flight out, and is a way of shipping using commercial flights. The couriers will place your shipment on board the next flight leaving your home city to your destination shipping city. This provides you with the ability to ship almost anywhere in the country within a few hours. It shouldn’t take more than 48 hours to ship most places in the world with this shipping method.

If you don’t want to incur the cost of NFO shipping but are still looking for a very fast delivery, look for a company that offers same day shipping. You will have to place your request for same day service very early in the morning. However, as long as you get your order in before the cut off time, the courier company will be able to have your delivery completed before the end of that business day.

Next day service is another option that is usually more than fast enough to meet most people’s needs. Like same day service, you will have to place your order early in the day, although the cut off time is often several hours later than the time for same day service. Then, by the end of the following day, your client will receive your package. Generally if a courier offers both next day and same day shipping, you will also find that the next day shipping option is slightly less money than a same day shipment.

Everette is a consultant for new jersey delivery service and nj same day delivery companies as well as national courier service businesses.

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Use Courier Delivery Services For Quick And Safe Delivery

Are you worried about sending your important documents or letters to someone? Then, try using the courier delivery services.

If you surf the worldwide web, you will come across a number of courier companies. Check out their services and offer. You can also get a quick quote from them. Some of the companies have various price ranges depending on the duration requested for delivery of parcel or documents, weight of items to be delivered and delivery address.

If you request for courier services of a certain limit, you may get discounts as well. Sending important letters by normal post might not guarantee safe delivery. If the person has changed address, your document might simply get lost during the transitions by the postal service. By going through a courier company, you can rest assured of safe delivery.

The courier company would request for the signature of the recipient as proof of delivery. A copy of it would be sent to you. You can also track your delivery based on the number given by the courier company. Apart from important documents, you can also send parcels or even gifts without worrying about possible loss or damage.

The courier charges for parcels would be based on weight, location and requested speed of delivery. Even if your gift is fragile, it is possible to send it as well. Simply mark it as fragile and inform the courier company. They will handle it carefully during delivery and transition.

So, if you feel like sending a parcel or gift to your friend or loved ones in any part of the globe, simply use the courier delivery services. Send a gift for Christmas, birthday or any other special occasion to anyone within a matter of days overseas. Even if your child or relative is residing overseas, you can still send a parcel of cookies or other goodies. International delivery normally takes only two-three working days.

The recipient of the document or letter would have to sign on the sheet given by the courier company. A copy of this sheet is sent back to you as evidence of delivery. You can also send parcels or gifts using courier delivery services to anyone in any part of the world. So, if any member of your family is staying in another part of the world, send your Christmas or birthday gift by courier.

In the case of parcels or gifts, normally, the courier charges will be based on weight and place of delivery. Even if you send to an international delivery address, the parcel of gift will be delivered within 2-3 business days at the very least. Therefore, even if you forgot to send someone a gift, simply request for a quote from the courier company and arrange for the delivery.

Some courier companies have various ranges in their pricings depending on your budget, location and duration needed for delivery. A slow delivery would cost much less than a quick one.

Providing excellent pricing in cross border shipment and need an international shipping quote. Canada’s largest courier company is committed to efficient delivery solutions. The experienced staff guarantees that all deliveries are made on time.

When you need to send a parcel one of the main things that you will be worried about is just how much it will end up costing you. In this day and age, saving money is at the forefront of many peoples’ minds, as the recession has caused us all to become more frugal. You will be able to save money on your parcel delivery though, as long as you make the right decisions concerning your shipping.

One of the first things that you should do when you need to send a parcel within the UK is look online for a courier. Courier deliver is often guaranteed, so you can be certain that your parcel will be carefully handled and delivered with care. Not only this though, but your parcel will also be sent incredibly quickly, and all for a very reasonable price.

You will see that couriers offer postage rates that are very similar to those found at the Post Office, but once you look into the different features and services that you can get included in your postage you should notice that you are actually getting a lot more for your money. This is because all of these features come completely free of charge and as standard with a lot of courier companies, so you can get them no matter how much you are spending with the company.

You won’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to get your parcel sent out for delivery when you use a courier either, as nearly all couriers can pick your parcel up for free. This is just one of the free services that you will benefit from when using a courier, but it is one of the most popular. It will save you both time and money, as you won’t have to drive into town and pay for parking while you nip to the Post Office. Also, a lot of people that work fulltime jobs simply don’t find the time to do this, but with a courier you can have the delivery driver pick your parcel up from your workplace, so you don’t have to take a day off work just to hand over your parcel.

Another key feature in courier parcel delivery is parcel tracking, which is offered by a lot of different couriers. The advanced technologies that are used to keep track of your parcel are incredibly superior and you will be able to rely on them to let you know exactly what is going on with your shipping.

Look online for courier companies with cheap postal rates now.

Today’s expedited services help shippers balance their need for speed with cost effective solutions.

The word Expedited may bring to mind urgent, last minute transportation, shippers often are turning to expedited service as a part of their supply chain strategy. Expedited service is increasingly acting as a supply chain problem solver. Any solution that cuts the transit time from origin to destination is an expedited business model.

In the past, certain industries were established users expedited services because they ship perishable items, pharmaceuticals, medical samples and devices, critical documents, and critical parts. However, today the list of products routinely shipped via expedited transportation has expanded considerably. Expedited services are now used for e-commerce, seasonal and fashion goods, high tech products, lab specimens, produce, energy, and manufacturing materials.

We can balance speed and cost. Perhaps we can go ground but shave a day or a few days off their normal transit time. Or perhaps it has to go air, but we can ship it in a way that gets it there very fast, but also cost effectively.

For many shippers, a guaranteed or time definite delivery is a major benefit. We can pickup with a truck exclusive to the shipper and handle the freight as an ad hoc delivery, not consolidated with other freight.

For many shippers using expedited has become a planned event rather than an emergency solution. Shippers pay more, but the savings from the larger supply chain window exceeds the cost.

In addition to bolstering just in time inventory strategies that may be used, expedited service helps support replenishment strategies when goods prove to be big sellers or the season requires a fast replenishment.

Expedited service has seen increased demand for shipments moving directly from ports to customer locations, although the huge majority of the freight still moves thru typical distribution centers.

There are billion dollar companies in air freight forwarding. We experienced working with Landstar. We can say with confidence that we do it better. Smaller and more nimble is very important in this arena.

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